T.E.B. Calendar of Events

Annual Rifle Shoot - Sunday 7th May
Horner Patched Ball Rifle, Cooper Flintlock Rifle, Patched Ball & Enfield Aggregate
Annual Pistol Shoot - Saturday 3rd June
Single Shot Percussion Pistol, Gleave Flintlock Pistol, Markham Revolver
Summer Shoot & BBQ - Sunday 23rd July
Buffalo Shoot, Hawken Rifle, Flintlock Musket, Percussion Musket
Autumn Shoot - Sunday 10th September
Majors Cup (Enfield Rifle), Enfield Volley Fire, Rifle & Pistol Aggregate
Christmas Fun Shoot - Saturday 16th December
Christmas Fun shoot
Rolling Competitions
Burgess Aggregate, Enfield Aggregate, Fred Chaproniere Tyros, Sterry Patched Ball Aggrergate


Arpthorp Military Rifle Volley Fire

Event details: Any Military Muzzle Loading rifle 10 shots offhand on RO’s command.

History behind the competition: Original trophy presented by Mr Aythorp. New trophy presented by Jeff Tanner.

Burgess Bowl Aggregate MLAGBTEB

Event details: It is for both cap'n ball revolvers and muzzle loaders using any form of ignition. It is an aggregate score competition with the competitor shooting three cards (PL7 or 8) with each gun, ten shots only with cut lines scoring high. The competition must be completed by the date of the Christmas Fun Shoot and the various cards can be shot at any time that is convenient to the member, but must be authorised/signed before shooting by either the Pistol Captain, Rifle Captain or RO in order to be valid.

History behind the competition: The Burgess Bowl was been added to the branch's calendar of events in 2014 to cater for those members who own & shoot a variety of pistols. Trophy presented by Ralph Burges.

Cooper Flintlock Rifle

Event details: 10 of 13 shots. Any flint rifle offhand.

History behind the competition: Set up and Trophy presented by Bob Cooper

Cooper Rifle & Pistol Aggregate

Event details: Any M/L rifle & pistol, offhand. 10 shots on PL7, all to count. Cut lines count high.

History behind the competition:

Enfield Rifle Aggregate

Event details: 10 shots on 6 nominated cards over 6 months.

History behind the competition: Set up by Eric Elmer

Felicity O'Dell Buffalo Shoot MLAGBTEB

Event details: Any M/L rifle shot off crossed sticks either sitting or kneeling OR posted. 5 shots all to count on special target.

History behind the competition: Originally 5 shots sitting over crossed sticks all to count, this rule changed at the 2014 AGM and it was agreed that the Felicity O'Dell buffalo shoot should be shot off the post rather than sitting at crossed sticks.

Entry fees donated to Little Havens Children’s Hospice - this is always made up to £100 from branch funds.

Event set up by Eric Elmer, Trophy designed and carved by George Heasman

A photo of Eric Elmer winning the 1st Felicity O'Dell shoot (1997) in his finest clobber can be seen here.

Gleave Flintlock Pistol MLAGBTEB

Event restrictions: Best 10 from 13 shots.

History behind the competition: Colin Gleave came into the Muzzle loaders from the Rainham and District Rifle and Pistol Club. He was a Centre Fire and .22 shooter, but got the bug for Flintlock Pistol. He very shortly became an expert at the tricky sport. When he moved away he donated the Gleave Trophy for any flintlock pistol at 25 metres

Hawken Patched Ball Rifle

Event details: Patched Ball rifle open sights only 3/5 on a buffalo target. Best 3 to count scored by string measure from the centre.

History behind the competition: Set up and Trophy presented by George Sterry.

Horner Flintlock Musket

Event details: Best 10 from 13 shots. No rear sight allowed.

History behind the competition: This event was put up by Gerry Horner for any Flintlock musket at 50 Metres.

Horner Patched Ball Rifle

Event details: Any patched ball rifle shot offhand, any sights (excl.‘scopes) 10/13 shots on PL7 target.

History behind the competition:

Markham Revolver MLAGBTEB

Event details: Any cap an ball revolver. Best 10 from 13 shots.

History behind the competition: This event was sponsored by Howard Markham of San Diego, USA.

Patched Ball & Enfield Rifle

Event restrictions: Any patched ball & military rifles shot offhand. Open (iron) sights. Shots on PL7.

History behind the competition:

Eleanor of Aquitaine Kuchenreuter Trophy MLAGBTEB

Event restrictions: Any single shot M/L percussion pistol. Standard sights. 10/13 shots on PL7 target.

History behind the competition: Donated by Bob & Cindy Cooper

The Majors Cup - Enfield Rifle

Event restrictions: Enfield Military Rifle offhand, shooting .577 (.58) Minie Ball only. 10/13

History behind the competition: "I put up the Majors cup about 20 years ago in memory of my good friend Jeff Garnett who always regaled us with stories of his time in the SAS and was a handy shot with his .577 Parker Hale 2 band Enfield. Jeff was an extremely clean and tidy man and never a speck of dust or mud sullied his pristine appearance, unlike me as I am always covered in muck and grease !!

I well remember Jeff in pouring rain getting up from the mud on Short Siberia with not a hair out of place and immaculately creased trousers and jacket whilst I emerged from the mire looking like Worzel Gummage.

Jeff said I'm never shooting in the rain again, and he didn't as he passed away aged 46 about 3 weeks later after a brief encounter with a nubile maiden about 26 years his junior. His funeral was a great affair with the last post and a flag bedecked coffin however in the eulogy it emerged that, yes,he had been in the SAS but in the catering dept!! and it turned out that he had been on TV giving various recipes for an infamous tinned meat that lead to his nickname of "Major Spam" However he is sadly missed even now by those who knew him as a great micky taker and teller of tall stories.

For me the saddest part is that although I put up the cup and am the proud possessor of his beloved Enfield rifle and although I have placed many times in that competition my name has never appeared on the cup." - Eric Elmer 2014

A photo of The Major, Eric & Pat Preece, at Bisley can be seen here.

The event was set up and Trophy presented by Eric Elmer. It was 1st won by Cindy Cooper.

Tyros Trophy MLAGBTEB

Event restrictions: Any Muzzle loading pistol (including revolvers). 10 shots, all to count. Cut lines count high. Open only to Branch Members who have never won a Branch pistol competition (excluding Fun Shoots).

History behind the competition:

Waterloo Musket Tankard

Event restrictions: Any percussion musket .69 cal + shot offhand. 10/13 shots on PL7.

History behind the competition:

Xmas Fun Shoot

Event restrictions: None!

Branch Annual Barbeque

Event restrictions: Burgers, buns, onions & sausages.

Where: On the large green over flow car park by the 50 metre range.

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